A crucial mandate for the government and CSR activities, in India and globally, Low Cost Housing needs to be rapidly accessible. Inspired by the ‘Housing for All’ scheme, we have introduced “Mera Ghar” – a game changing superior housing technology at an affordable cost for the low income group (LIG) & economically weaker group (EWG) of the community.

  • Build single storey pre-fabricated Mera Ghar unit of 320 sqft within a single day with a team
    of 6 labour only
  • Safer, quieter, more environment friendly than traditional construction
  • Scalable construction without any heavy machinery or industrial tools
  • Promote skill development and faster urbanization without sacrificing strength,
    performance and life of structure
  • Excellent thermal insulation allows to conserve energy & minimalize costs for inhabitants
  • Complete structure including walls, roof, door, windows and other required accessories
  • Application: mass housing, disaster relief camps, refugee shelters
  • Remote, isolated regions that do not have access to adequate road transportation,
    electricity or water
  • Earthquake prone zones
  • Hilly & windy regions
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