HonDoorZ is a premium and exclusive range of factory-made doors that are made of a unique plastic honeycomb technology. This composite technology, inspired from the beehive structure, offers high strength to weight ratio and unparalleled features that allow the doors to add style and protection to your home and offices.
Forget about heavy wooden doors or the replacement of PVC doors, make way for HonDoorZ – a durable, elegant and versatile door.

Unparalleled Features
  • Matte Finish Available
  • Aesthetic Finish On Both Sides
  • Guaranteed Long Life with Zero Maintenance
  • Termite, Borer & Rust Proof
  • Sturdy & Safe Aluminium Edging & Frame
  • All Weather Proof
  • Ultra-Lightweight Yet Strong & Safe
  • Customizable Sizes
  • Anti-Twist with Reduced Supple
  • Does not crack, break, tear, swell, deteriorate or abrade
  • Perfect For Exterior & Interior Use – Main Entrance, Kitchen Door, Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room
  • Does not crack, break, tear, swell, deteriorate or abrade
  • Termite & borer proof
  • Waterproof & weatherproof
  • Ensures long life of door panel
  • Superior sandwich core of continuous rigid insulation
  • Suitable for toilet, bathroom, kitchen and interior doors