HonCorZ Fusion® Series for Vehicle Body Manufacturing

HonCorZ Fusion is a premium engineered panelling system for interior applications for truck body building. We offer a variety of claddings for the interior/exterior finish on the honeycomb core.

The standard substrate for utility truck bodies is aluminium or pre-coated steel (PPGI) on both surfaces. However, with our customizable technology, we can provide the same as well as different facings on either side of the sandwich honeycomb core.

The Fusion Series is most suitable if you seek to reduce the body and exterior weight without compromising on its safety performance. Using composite HonCorZ, vehicle is more energy efficient by reduced weight, together with more high durability, corrosion resistance, resiliency & high performance at low cost.


HonCorZ FREEZE® Series for Cold Storage Paneling Solution

The Freeze Series, cold storage honeycomb wall panels, offers a highly efficient perimeter for temperature extremes from blast freezers as cold as -50ºF (-46ºC) to pharmaceutical stability rooms up to 180ºF (82ºC); due to the high insulation characteristics of the composite honeycomb panel.

  • Faster construction time
  • A core of continuous, rigid insulation
  • Control over temperature, hygiene & pressure differentials
  • Superior airtightness performance
  • Exceptional thermal performance
  • Low energy consumption