Honeycomb QuadBOX

Foldable Palletized Box

The QuadBox, a foldable large container (FLC) is the perfect alternative to traditional wire mesh pallets and corrugated boxes. Our expertise in design engineering and concept-to-delivery have led us to offer the world’s lightest solution of Foldable Pallet Box for bulk storage of goods of varying sizes.


Key Components

QB Window Structure – QuadBox is a 3-piece solution comprising of top anti-skid lid, collapsible walls and pallet base, each made of ATL’s lightweight honeycomb

QB Positioning Locks  – The unique and easy-to-use CamLock has a onepush sliding system that allows quick & safe assembly & disassembly of the
box. This innovative lock involves a snap-closing action that securely positions the walls to the base & lid, preventing inadvertent opening or displacement.

QB Window — An optional port allows the desired ease of access during loading and unloading of material. This no-gap closure with its special lock
ensures that the interior remains dust-free during dry storage and transportation.

QB Partitions — The optional partitions serve as cushions for horizontal and vertical segregation of goods, ensuring that there is no contact between
materials, or damage to the goods. These interlocking panels can be portable, removable or permanently integrated.

Standard Model QB-STD-01-900-N-G2-RY-GR-BL
Length (External) 1200 mm
Width (External) 1000 mm
Height (External) 1130 mm
Length (Internal) 1165 mm
Width (Internal) 950 mm
Height (Internal) 900 mm
Height Collapse 230 mm
Weight of QuadBox Approx. 42kgs. (~92 lbs)
Stacking G+2
Dynamic Payload per level 750 Kgs.
No. of QB per 20 feet Container (Assembled) 24 QB
No. of QB per 20 feet Container (Collapsed) 90 QB

In the collapsed state, the QuadBox, made of ATL’s superior composite technology, offers volume saving of up to 75%. This guarantees space optimization and cost savings during transportation and storage, adding value to supply chain operation that involve reverse logistics and reusable packaging.

Unparalleled Features:
  • Outstanding cost-performance ratio with high reusability
  • Foldable & collapsible walls
  • Racking & stacking for increased warehouse space efficiency
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Rigid walls that do not bulge
  • Structural robustness ensures material safety
  • Honeycomb does not crack, swell, tear, break or deteriorate
  • Water proof, weather proof, termite proof, chemical proof
  • Fumigation free, zero maintenance export-friendly solution
  • All-in-one combination of pallet and box
  • Flat surface of base and lid
  • Recyclable thermoplastic raw material
  • Customisable dimensions, branding and identification possible
Standard Specifications of QuadBox:
Standard Model QB1 QB2 QB3 QB4 QB5
Length (External) 1000 1200 1000 1200 1200
Width (External) 800 800 1000 1000 1200
Height (External) 830 830 1130 1130 1330
Length (Internal) 965 1165 965 1165 1165
Width (Internal) 750 750 950 950 1150
Height (Internal) 600 600 900 900 1100
Height (Collapsed) 230 230 230 230 230
Weight of QB 23.0 Kg 26 Kg 37.0 Kg 41.5 Kg 51.5 Kg
Dynamic Payload per level 1000Kg 1000 Kg 750 Kg 750 Kg 750 Kg
Stacking G+2 G+2 G+2 G+2 G+2
No. of QB per 20′ Container (Assembled) 26 24 24 24 10
No. of QB per 20′ Container (Collapsed) 104 96 96 90 55

* Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL) only

Using the same Honeycomb technology that is used for manufacturing of aircrafts, marine vessels and pre-fabricated building panels, ATL offers a wide spectrum of material handling solutions that offer advantages of lightweight PP Honeycomb, such as:

  • Honeycomb Pallets & Boxes
  • Honeycomb Tier Separators
  • Packaging of Sensitive Equipment
  • Containers for Missiles & Ammunition

Honeycomb Quadbox