HonDoorZ for Door Fillers

HonDoorZ for Door Fillers

We are renovating the door industry, one door at a time. HonDoorZ, a version of HonCorZ LITE® Series, is specifically designed to reduce the unnecessary dead weight from door hinges and buildings. Weighing as less as 110 grams per square feet, HonDoorZ Honeycomb Core is available in standard thickness of 15mm and 30mm.

HonCorZ Lite® is an excellent filler for all types of doors by virtue of the core’s high pressure strength and serves as an ideal substitute to traditional solid fillings, chipboard strips or tube boards. They can be used in flush doors, moulded doors, steel doors, sliding doors as well as standard hardboard doors. Appropriate accessories and profiles are provided to ensure that HonDoorZ is compatible with your doors thereby giving you a competitive edge in the door industry, the end user a long term, maintenance-free door suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and us the pride of being your preferred OEM.

HonCorZ FUSION® for Vehicle Body Manufacturing

HonCorZ Fusion is a premium engineered panelling system for interior applications for truck body building. We offer a variety of claddings for the interior/exterior finish on the honeycomb core. The standard substrate for utility truck bodies is aluminium or pre-coated steel (PPGI) on both surfaces.

HonCorZ LITE® Series

HonCorZ is a complete panel that provides strength and lightweight features in its own capacity, hence distinguishing itself in comparison to other structural material such as gypsum boards, PUF panels or other reinforced composites.

The HonCorZ LITE® series is specifically designed for sandwich applications – to cater to various applications in other industries that warrant invisible strength and no-maintenance features – such as door fillers, support for other claddings such as tiles, slim stones, FRP, aluminium, stainless steel, pre-coated steel (PPGI).

HonCorZ Composite Honeycomb Panels


  • 100% water proof, termite proof & rust proof
  • Ultra-lightweight yet strong
  • High Compressive Strength
  • Exceptional thermal & sound insulation
  • Does not crack, break, tear, swell, deteriorate or abrade
  • Recyclable air-grade thermoplastic material
  • Fire-Retardant
  • Homogeneous and Modular Panel
  • Sound & Vibration Dampening

The bee builds its beehive using the hexagonal pattern primarily because its strong structure requires the minimum of materials. Inspired by nature’s brilliantly strong shape, the hexagon, Anjani has introduced the world’s lightest HonCorZ Honeycomb Panels.

Homogeneous panel manufactured in a continuous process, HonCorZ extends benefits of high strength to weight ratio that caters to the requirements of multiple applications that demand lightweight robustness. HonCorZ is resistant to water, moisture, corrosion, rust, chemical, acid, alkali, salt which means no repairs or maintenance, making them durable for long-term applications.


HonCorZ can be engineered to be a specific weight, absorb a specific load and possess the flexibility or stiffness required by the end application.HonCorZ Honeycomb Panels constitute of two significant elements:

  • The Core: The hexagonal core prevents the movement of the skins and allows the panel to extend low-weight benefits in comparison to other conventional material such as wood, aluminium, steel, etc.
  • The Skin: The lamination on top and bottom of the honeycomb core defines the tensile strength and gives honeycomb its rigidity. HonCorZ core can be laminated with any skin ranging from thermoplastics, aluminium, wood, steel, etc.