HonCorZ MediBox

Unparalleled Features:

  • Innovative transportation solution that protects fragile equipment against shock & vibration
  • Lightweight material that saves on freight costs as well as labour efforts
  • Reusable packaging solution that saves cost w.r.t. reverse logistics
  • Accessories provided to ensure smoothness in equipment loading, handling & unloading
  • control over temperature, hygiene & pressure differentials
  • Complete solution with shelves, ramps, extra cushioning and finishes as desired
  • Aesthetically attractive with possibility to add own branding

Too often sensitive equipment arrives at its destination unusable due to transport incidents. Repair, recalibration or even complete replacement may be necessary to take the equipment into service. This is an unpleasant surprise for both client and manufacturer and implies additional time and money. We expertise in bringing your application concept to reality by doing what we do best – design engineering. HonCorZ MediBox is one such example of where we have designed & developed tailor-made solution for Siemens Healthineers for re-usable packaging of medical machines.


HonCorZ FREEZE® for Cold Storage Rooms

HonCorZ FREEZE® Advantages:

  • faster construction time
  • a core of continuous, rigid insulation
  • superior airtightness performance
  • exceptional thermal performance
  • control over temperature, hygiene & pressure differentials
  • design flexibility
  • low energy consumption

The Freeze Series, cold storage honeycomb wall panels, offers a highly efficient perimeter for temperature extremes from blast freezers as cold as -50ºF (-46ºC) to pharmaceutical stability rooms up to 180ºF (82ºC); due to the high insulation characteristics of the composite honeycomb panel.