Introducing the world’s lightest and pressurised packaging solutions for the Indian Defence to increase the shelf life of missiles and to overcome the weight related logistic restriction in the battle field.
ATL is an exclusive manufacturer and supplier for pressurised missile containers to Government of India for AKASH MISSILE project.
The advanced and indigenous patented composite honeycomb technology from ATL facilitates easy and direct loading of missiles from transportation vehicles to the launcher too save on the crucial time of warfare action.

With us, you are assured of quality manufacturing, a committed team of exceptional design engineers, and a solution that is custom designed to the handling & packaging specifications of your missiles & ammunition.

Unparalleled Features
  • Inert to moisture & protected from corrosion & rodents
  • Protect the telemetry system during long shelf life
  • Expected longer shelf life of Missiles
  • Guaranteed performance in all weathers, terrains and adverse conditions
  • Lightweight composite technology allows you to carry more weight under the same logistic restrictions in battlefield
    same logistic restrictions in battlefield
  • Dimensions : 6397mm x 1170mm x 1126mm
  • Weight : 500kg
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