SisMaa Toilet

Smart cities & villages need smart technology- one that is cost effective, maintenance-free and does not require fancy engineering tools for construction. SisMaa toilet is our initiative under ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ to make the amenity affordable and available to the masses.
SisMaa toilets answer the basic need for sanitation structures in remote areas were where toilets are required on temporary or portable basis such as concerts, beaches, parks & markets.

Features of SisMaa Toilet
  • Walls are foldable
  • No need for electricity or water for construction
  • Assembled in three parts i.e. Base, Walls & Roof
  • Option to add bio-digester & water storage tanks
  • Interlocking of floor & roof with wall by finger click locks
  • Water proof, rust proof, termite proof = no recurring cost
  • Installation with in 2-3 minutes for pre-fabricated structures
  • Reduced energy consumption – translucent roof panel allows sunlight to pass
  • Modular in nature and pre-engineered for simplified & quick installation
Polypropylene Composite Honeycomb Toilet
Model SisMaa P SisMaa P+ SisMaa PT SisMaa PT+
Length 900 mm (± 20mm) 950 mm (± 20mm) 900 mm (± 20mm) 950 mm (± 20mm)
Width 900 mm (± 20mm) 950 mm (± 20mm) 900 mm (± 20mm) 950 mm (± 20mm)
Height 2275 mm (± 20mm) 2275 mm (± 20mm) 2275 mm (± 20mm) 2275 mm (± 20mm)
Technology Features   The Material Technology must be:
• Modular and foldable
• Pre-fabricated for quick and simple installation
• Scratch proof
• UV resistant and all-weather proof
• Electrically & thermally insulated
• Lightweight
• Fungus proof, termite proof and borer proof
• Recyclable and environment friendly
• Monolithic structural design with possiblity to add fixtures and accessories
• Offer installation without water or electricity
Mechanical Specifications of Composite Panel • Composite Panel Material – Homogeneous Compounded UV-Resistant   Polypropylene Hexagonal Honeycomb
• Composite Panel Cell Size of Hexagonal Core – 12mm (± 1mm)
• Composite Panel Thickness – 15mm (± 1mm)
• Composite Panel Surface Density – 2.8 KG/SQM (±5%)
• Composite Panel Compressive Strength – 5 KG/CM²
• Composite Panel Thermal Conductivity – 0.15 W/MK
Walls   The walls must be:
• Foldable
• Easy to assemble, dismantle and re-assemble
• Wall thickness – 15mm (± 1mm)
Doors   The door must be:
• Made of Homogeneous Compounded UV-Resistant Polypropylene   Composite Hexagonal Honeycomb Panel
• Edging to be secured with aluminum profile with piping across all edges
• Dimensions – 1800mm (height) x 600mm (width)
Ventilations   The structure must provide ventilation for circulation with:
• Each wall must have 4 nos. of round pigeon holes of radius 75mm
• Ventilation should be available on two side walls, placed within 500mm of the   roof
• The round pigeon holes must be evenly cut with round finishing
Flooring   The floor must be:
• Made of Homogeneous Compounded UV-Resistant Polypropylene   Composite Hexagonal Honeycomb Panel
• Easy to clean and mop
• Chemical proof
Roofing   The roof must be:
• Made of Homogeneous Compounded UV-Resistant Polypropylene   Composite Hexagonal Honeycomb Panel of thickness of 15mm
• Translucent and allow transfer of sunlight
• Flat and rigid
Electrical fittings   The material of construction must:
• Allow addition of electrical fittings
• Not require electricity for lighting in the daytime
Plumbing & Sanitary work   The structure must include:
• Ceramic Orissa Pan with P-Trap
• Flush with the floor to avoid water logging
Branding   The structure must include branding in the form of logo of ‘Swachh Bharat   Abhiyaan’
Certifications   The Material of Constuction (MOC) must be:
• Approved by Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC),   Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, Government of India. The certificate   must be uploaded for verification during tender submission.
• Supported by certificate of mechanical specifications of composite panel   provided by manufacturer of composite panel
Sismaa-Toilet-Transparent-bodySisMaa-PT+Sahaj-Toilet-ventilation-holeSisMaa P -Opaque-Back ViewSismaa-Toilet-Commode BaseSisMaa P -Opaque-Open ViewSisMaa-Toilet-collapsSisMaa PT+(Opaque with Translucent)Sismaa-toilet-front viewSisMaa-P+SisMaa-P+ 2Sismaa-Toilet-open-viewSismaa-Toilet-1SisMaa-PT-Translucent)SisMaa-Toilet-Top-WallSisMaa P -Opaque